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Your Dyson vacuum cleaner is warranted against original defects in material and workmanship for a period of two
years from date of purchase, when used only for private household purposes and in accordance with the Owner’s
Manual. This warranty provides, at no cost to you, all labor and parts to place your vacuum cleaner in proper operating
condition during the warranty period.
For further details of the warranty including limitations and exclusions, and to register your purchase, please refer to
the product registration form found in your instruction pack.
Household 2 year limited
warranty Domestic use
If you have a question about your Dyson vacuum cleaner, call the Dyson Helpline on 1-866-693-9766 with your serial
number and details of where/when you bought the cleaner. The serial number can be found on the base of your machine
between the wheels.
Most queries can be solved over the phone by one of our Helpline staff.
If your cleaner needs service, call the Dyson Helpline we will discuss with you the options available for service. If your
machine is under warranty, your machine will be repaired at no cost to yourself. To reach the Dyson Helpline call on
1-866-693-9766, or visit Dyson online at www.dyson.com.
This product is protected by the following intellectual property rights:
Patent/Patent Application numbers:
PCT/GB02/00320; PCT/GB02/00298; PCT/GB03/003659; PCT/GB03/003658; WO 02/067742; WO 02/067753; WO 02/067752; WO 02/067746;
WO 02/067757; WO 02/067755; WO 02/067713; US 5,078,761; US 10/468,304; US 10/239,426; US 10/467,671; US 10/468,870.
Please note: Small details may vary from those shown.
Dyson customer care
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