1. Begin pedaling or press any button on the
console to turn on the console.
2. Select the main menu.
See step 2 on page 14.
3. Select an onboard workout.
From the main menu in the display, select Tour De
France. You can also press the Le Tour De France
button on the console.
Then, select the desired workout. The display will
show the name, the estimated duration, and the
estimated distance of the workout. The display will
also show the approximate number of calories you
will burn during the workout.
4. Start the workout.
Begin pedaling or press the Enter button to start
the workout.
Each workout is divided into several segments.
One incline level (resistance) is programmed for
each segment. Note: The same incline level may
be programmed for consecutive segments.
During the workout, the profile will show your prog-
ress. Press the Display button repeatedly to view
the profile. The colored line at the top of the profile
will indicate the current segment of the workout.
The colored profile represents the incline level of
the current segment.
The display will also show a map of the trail and a
marker indicating your progress. Press the Display
button repeatedly to view the map.
At the end of the first segment of the workout, the
incline will automatically adjust to the incline level
for the next segment.
When the incline changes, the resistance of the
pedals will also change. To maintain a steady
pedaling cadence, change gears by pressing the
Gears increase and decrease buttons.
Note: The calorie goal is an estimate of the
number of calories that you will burn during
the workout. The actual number of calories that
you burn will depend on your metabolic rate. In
addition, your pedaling cadence will affect the
number of calories you burn.
The workout will continue in this way until the
last segment ends. A workout summary will then
appear in the display. After you view the workout
summary, press the Enter button.
5. Follow your progress with the display.
See step 6 on page 14.
6. Wear a heart rate monitor and measure your
heart rate if desired.
See step 7 on page 15.
7. When you are nished exercising, unplug the
power cord.
See step 8 on page 15.
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