The console features a maintenance mode that allows
you to update the console firmware, restore the default
settings, view technical information, perform a network
test, and calibrate the incline.
1. Select the settings mode.
See step 1 on page 18.
2. Select the maintenance mode.
From the settings menu, select Maintenance. The
maintenance menu will appear in the display.
If the console is connected to the controller of the
exercise bike, the controller dot will be green; if it is
not, the dot will flash.
If the exercise bike is connected to your wireless
network, the network dot will be green; if it is not,
the dot will be red.
3. Update the console firmware.
For the best results, regularly check for firm-
ware updates.
From the maintenance menu, select Firmware
Update. Press the Enter button to download the
latest firmware for the console.
IMPORTANT: To avoid damaging the exercise
bike, do not turn off the power while the firm-
ware is being updated.
The display will show the progress of the update.
When the update is complete, the console will turn
off and then turn back on. If it does not, press the
power switch on the exercise bike to the off posi-
tion. Wait for several seconds, and then press the
power switch to the reset position. It may take a
few minutes for the console to be ready for use.
4. Restore the default settings.
From the maintenance menu, select Restore
Defaults. Then, press Enter to restore the console
to the original settings from the factory.
5. View technical information.
From the maintenance menu, select Technical Info.
View the total number of hours that the exercise
bike has been used, the total distance that has
been pedaled, and other information.
After you view the information, press the Enter
6. Perform a network test.
From the maintenance menu, select Network Test.
The console will run a network test and check the
connection status of the console and the exercise
After you view the results of the network test, press
the Enter button.
7. Calibrate the incline system of the exercise
From the maintenance menu, select Calibrate
Incline. Then, press the Enter button to calibrate
the incline system.
The exercise bike will automatically rise to the max-
imum incline level, lower to the minimum incline
level, and then return to the starting position. This
will calibrate the incline system.
IMPORTANT: Keep pets, feet, and other objects
away from the exercise bike while the incline
system is calibrating. In an emergency, press
the Enter button to stop the incline calibration.
When the incline system is calibrated, press the
Enter button.
8. Exit the maintenance mode.
To exit the maintenance mode, press the Home
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