The treadmill console offers an impressive array of
features designed to make your workouts more effec-
tive and enjoyable. When you use the manual mode of
the console, you can change the speed and incline of
the treadmill with the touch of a button. As you exer-
cise, the console will display continuous exercise feed-
back. You can even measure your heart rate using the
handgrip pulse sensor.
In addition, the console features sixteen preset work-
outs—four calorie workouts, four distance workouts,
four timed workouts, and four performance workouts.
Each preset workout automatically controls the speed
and incline of the treadmill as it guides you through an
effective exercise session.
The console also features an iFit training mode that
enables the treadmill to communicate with your wire-
less network through an optional iFit Live module. With
the iFit training mode, you can download personalized
workouts, create your own workouts, track your work-
out results, and access many other features. To pur-
chase an iFit Live module at any time, go to
www.iFit.com or call the telephone number on the
front cover of this manual.
You can even listen to your favorite workout music or
audio books with the consoleʼs stereo sound system.
To turn on the power, see page 16. To use the man-
ual mode, see page 16. To use a preset workout,
see page 18. To use the iFit training mode, see
page 19. To use the stereo sound system, see page
19. To use the information mode, see page 20.
IMPORTANT: If there is a sheet of plastic on the
console, remove the plastic. To prevent damage to
the walking platform, wear clean athletic shoes
while using the treadmill. The first time the tread-
mill is used, observe the alignment of the walking
belt, and center the walking belt if necessary (see
page 24).
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