1. Insert the key into the console.
See HOW TO TURN ON THE POWER on page 16.
2. Select a preset workout.
If you have selected the manual mode, a workout,
or the iFit training mode, press the Menu button to
return to the main menu.
To select a preset workout, use the increase and
decrease buttons next to the Enter button and
highlight WORKOUTS. Press the Enter button.
Then, press the increase and decrease buttons to
highlight the desired workout category and press
the Enter button. You can also press the Calorie
Workouts button, Distance Workouts button, Timed
Workouts button, or Performance Workouts button.
Use the increase and decrease buttons to select
the desired workout. When you select a workout,
the display will show the name, the duration, the
maximum speed setting, the maximum incline set-
ting, and a profile of the speed settings of the work-
out. Press the Enter button. Note: When a distance
workout is selected, the duration of the workout will
not appear in the display.
3. Start the workout.
Press the Start button or the Speed increase but-
ton to start the workout. A moment after you press
the button, the treadmill will automatically adjust to
the first speed and incline settings of the workout.
Hold the handrails and begin walking.
Each preset workout is divided into segments. One
speed setting and one incline setting are pro-
grammed for each segment. Note: The same
speed and/or incline setting may be programmed
for consecutive segments.
During the work-
out, the profile will
show your
progress. Press
the Display button
repeatedly to view
the profile. The
flashing segment of the profile represents the cur-
rent segment of the workout. The height of the
flashing segment indicates the speed setting for
the current segment.
At the end of each segment, a series of tones will
sound. If a new speed and/or incline setting is pro-
grammed for the next segment, the treadmill will
automatically adjust to the new speed and incline
The workout will continue in this way until the last
segment of the profile flashes in the display and
the last segment ends. The walking belt will then
slow to a stop.
Current Segment
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