To hire an authorized service technician to assemble the treadmill, call 1-800-445-2480.
Assembly requires two persons. Set the treadmill in a cleared area and remove all packing materials. Do not
dispose of the packing materials until assembly is completed. Note: The underside of the treadmill walking
belt is coated with high-performance lubricant. During shipping, some lubricant may be transferred to the top of
the walking belt or the shipping carton. This is normal and does not affect treadmill performance. If there is lubri-
cant on top of the walking belt, simply wipe off the lubricant with a soft cloth and a mild, non-abrasive cleaner.
Assembly requires the included hex keys and your own Phillips screwdriver ,
adjustable wrench , needlenose pliers , and scissors .
Use the drawings below to identify the assembly hardware. The number in parentheses below each drawing is
the key number of the part, from the PART LIST near the end of this manual. The number after the parentheses
is the quantity needed for assembly. Note: If a part is not in the hardware kit, check to see if it is preattached
to one of the parts to be assembled. To avoid damaging parts, do not use power tools for assembly.
Extra hardware may be included.
3/8" Star
Washer (11)–4
#8 x 1/2"
Screw (1)–12
#8 x 1" Tek Screw
3/8" Nut (10)–1
3/8" x 2" Bolt (3)–1
3/8" x 1 3/4" Patch Bolt (6)–1
1/4" Star
Washer (12)–2
5/16" x 3/4"
Bolt (5)–4
5/16" x 1 1/2"
Patch Bolt (4)–6
5/16" Star
Washer (9)–8
3/8" x 5 1/2" Patch Bolt (7)–4
1/4" x 1/2"
Patch Bolt (8)–2
Bolt Spacer (88)–4 Wheel Axle (97)–2
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