Before operating the con-
sole, make sure that the
on/off switch near the
power cord is in the on
position. Next, make sure
that the key is removed
from the console and the power cord is properly
plugged in (see HOW TO PLUG IN THE POWER
CORD on page 8).
When you are ready to begin exercising, step onto the
foot rails of the treadmill. Find the clip attached to the
key (see the drawing on page 9), and slide the clip
onto the waistband of your clothing. Next, insert the
key fully into the console. Test the clip by carefully
taking a few steps backward until the key is pulled
from the console. If the key is not pulled from the
console, adjust the position of the clip as needed.
To use the manual mode, follow the steps below and
on page 11. To use iFIT.com CD or video programs,
refer to page 14. To use iFIT.com programs directly
from our internet site, see page 16.
Note: The console can display speed and distance in
either miles or kilometers (see SPEED DISPLAY on
page 11). For simplicity, all instructions in this manual
refer to miles.
Insert the key fully into the console.
When the key is
inserted, the four dis-
plays and various indi-
cators on the console
will light.
Select the manual mode.
When the key is in-
serted, the manual
mode will automatically
be selected, as shown
by the MANUAL CON-
TROL indicator. If the
iFIT.com indicator is lit,
press the PROGRAM button to select the manual
Press the START button or the SPEED
to start the walking belt.
A moment after the button is pressed, the walking
belt will begin to move at 1 mph. Hold the hand-
rails and carefully begin walking. As you exercise,
change the speed of the
walking belt as desired by
pressing the SPEED
buttons. To change
the speed setting quickly,
press the QUICK SPEED
buttons. Note: After the
buttons are pressed, it will take a moment for the
walking belt to reach the selected speed setting.
To stop the walking belt, press the STOP button.
The TIME/INCLINE display will begin to flash. To
restart the walking belt, press the START button or
Change the incline of the treadmill as desired.
To change the incline of
the treadmill, press the
INCLINE buttons. Each
time a button is pressed,
the incline will change by
0.5%. The buttons can be
held down to change the incline rapidly. Note:
After the INCLINE buttons are pressed, it will take
a moment for the treadmill to reach the selected
incline setting.
Follow your progress with the LED track and
the four displays.
The LED TrackÑ
The LED track
represents a dis-
tance of 1/4 mile.
As you exercise,
the indicators
around the track
will light one at a
time until you have walked or run 1/4 mile. A new
lap will then begin.
playÑThis display shows
the distance that you
have walked or run and
the number of laps you
have completed (one lap
equals 1/4 mile). The display will alternate
between one number and the other every seven
seconds, as shown by the arrows in the display.
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