displayÑThis display
shows the elapsed time
and the incline level of
the treadmill. The dis-
play will alternate
between one number and the other every seven
seconds, as shown by the arrows in the display.
Note: When the INCLINE buttons are pressed,
this display will show the current incline setting.
PULSE displayÑThis
display shows the ap-
proximate numbers of
calories and fat calories
you have burned (see
21). Every seven seconds, the display will change
from one number to the other, as shown by the ar-
rows in the display. The display will also show
your heart rate when the pulse sensor is used
(see step 6 on this page).
displayÑThis display
shows the speed of the
walking belt and your
current pace (pace is
measured in minutes per
mile). The display will alternate
between one number and the other every seven
seconds, as shown by the arrows in the display.
Note: When the SPEED buttons are pressed, the
display will show the current speed setting.
Note: The console can
display speed and dis-
tance in either miles or
kilometers. To see which
unit of measurement is
selected, hold down the
STOP button while inserting the key into the con-
sole. An ÒEÓ for english miles or an ÒMÓ for metric
kilometers will appear in the SPEED/MIN-MILE
display. Press the SPEED
button to change the
unit of measurement. When the desired unit of
measurement is selected, remove and then rein-
sert the key.
Measure your heart rate, if desired.
Note: When using the pulse sensor, make sure
that your hands are clean. If necessary, clean the
pulse sensor with a damp cloth and mild detergent.
To measure your
heart rate, stand
on the foot rails
and place both
thumbs on the
pulse sensors as
shown. Do not
press too hard,
or the circula-
tion in your
thumbs will be
restricted and
your pulse will
not be detected.
Next, wait until the heart-shaped indicator in the
CALS/FAT CALS/PULSE display flashes steadily.
After a few seconds, three dashes will appear in
the display and then your heart rate will be shown.
Hold your thumbs on the sensors for another 15
seconds for the most accurate reading. Note: The
CALS/FAT CALS/PULSE display will show your
heart rate for 15 seconds; the display will then
show calories burned, fat calories burned, and
your heart rate, changing from one number to the
next every seven seconds.
If the displayed heart rate appears to be too high
or too low, or if your heart rate is not displayed, lift
your thumbs off the sensors and allow the display
to reset. Then, place your thumbs on the sensors
as described above. Try the pulse sensor several
times until you become familiar with it. Remember
to stand still while measuring your heart rate.
When you are finished exercising, remove the
Step onto the foot rails, press the STOP button,
and remove the key from the console. Keep the
key in a secure place. Note: If the displays and
indicators on the console remain lit after the
key is removed, the console is in the ÒdemoÓ
mode. Refer to page 17 and turn off the demo
When you are finished using the treadmill, move
the on/off switch near the power cord to the off
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