Displays Manual Indicator
iFIT.com Indicator LED Track
Note: If there is a thin sheet of clear plastic
on the face of the console, remove it.
The treadmill console offers a selection of features to
help you get the most from your exercise. When the
console is in the manual mode, the speed and incline
of the treadmill can be controlled with a touch of a but-
ton. As you exercise, the LED track and the four dis-
plays will provide continuous exercise feedback. You
can even measure your heart rate using the built-in
pulse sensor.
The console also features advanced iFIT.com interac-
tive technology. iFIT.com technology is like having a
personal trainer right in your home. Using the included
audio cable, you can connect the treadmill to your
home stereo, portable stereo, or computer and play
special iFIT.com CD programs (CDÕs are not included).
iFIT.com CD programs automatically control the speed
and incline of the treadmill as a personal trainer guides
you through every step of your workout. High-energy
music provides added motivation. Each CD features
two different programs designed by certified personal
In addition, you can connect the treadmill to your VCR
and TV and play iFIT.com video programs (videocas-
settes are not included). Video programs offer the
same benefits as iFIT.com CD programs, but add the
excitement of working out with a class and an instruc-
torÑthe hottest new trend at health clubs.
With the treadmill connected to your computer, you
can also go to our new internet site at www.iFIT.com
and access even more programs. Choose from a se-
lection of basic programs that interactively control the
speed and incline of your treadmill to help you achieve
your personal exercise goals. Or use iFIT.com audio
and video programs directly from our internet site. Visit
www.iFIT.com for complete details.
By adding an optional upgrade module to the treadmill,
you can use virtually endless features from our internet
site. See www.iFIT.com to learn about other iFIT.com
To purchase iFIT.com CDÕs, iFIT.com videocassettes,
or an optional upgrade module, call toll-free 1-800-
To use the manual mode of the console, follow the
steps beginning on page 10. To use iFIT.com CD or
video programs, refer to page 14. To use iFIT.com
programs directly from our internet site, see page 16.
CAUTION: Before operating the
console, read the following precautions.
¥ Do not stand on the walking belt when turn-
ing on the power.
¥ Always wear the clip (see the drawing
above) while operating the treadmill.
¥ Adjust the speed in small increments in
order to avoid sudden jumps in speed.
¥ To reduce the possibility of electric shock,
keep the console dry. Avoid spilling liquids
on the console and place only a sealed water
bottle in the water bottle holder.
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