13. The Console (4) requires four D batteries (not
included); alkaline batteries are recommended.
Do not use old and new batteries together or
alkaline, standard, and rechargeable batter-
ies together. IMPORTANT: If the Console has
been exposed to cold temperatures, allow it
to warm to room temperature before insert-
ing batteries. Otherwise, you may damage
the console displays or other electronic
Remove the screws and the battery cover (G)
from the back of the Console (4), insert batteries
into the battery compartment, and then reattach
the battery cover. Make sure to orient the bat-
teries as shown by the diagrams inside the
battery compartment.
To purchase an optional power adapter, call
the telephone number on the cover of this
manual. To avoid damaging the Console (4),
use only a manufacturer-supplied regulated
power adapter. Plug one end of the power
adapter into the receptacle inside the battery
compartment on the Console and route the
power adapter through the notch in the bat-
tery cover; plug the other end into an outlet
installed in accordance with all local codes and
103, 104
14. Untie and discard the wire tie on the Upper
Wire (94).
While a second person holds the Console
(4) near the Pivot Bracket (3), plug the Upper
Wire (94) and the Left and Right Pulse Wires
(103, 104) into the receptacles on the Console.
The connectors on the Wires (94, 103, 104)
should slide easily into the receptacles and
snap into place. If a connector does not slide
easily into a receptacle, turn the connector and
try again. If you do not connect the connectors
properly, the Console (4) may become dam-
aged when you use the hybrid trainer.
Insert the excess wire into the Pivot Bracket (3).
Tip: Avoid pinching the wires. Attach the
Console (4) to the Pivot Bracket (3) with four
M4 x 16mm Screws (115); start all the Screws,
and then tighten them.
Avoid pinching
the wires
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