Plug in the power cord (see
CORD on page 14). Next,
locate the power switch on the
frame near the power cord.
Press the power switch to the
reset position (A).
The console will then turn on and be ready for use.
 The
ramp will move upward and downward as it calibrates.
When the ramp stops moving, the incline system is
The console features a tablet with a full-color touch
screen. The following information will help you use the
touch screen:
The console functions similarly to other tablets. You
can slide or flick your finger against the screen to
move certain images on the screen, such as the
displays in a workout.
To type information into a text box, first touch the
text box to view the keyboard. To use numbers or
other characters on the keyboard, touch ?123. To
view more characters, touch Alt. Touch Alt again to
return to the number keyboard. To return to the letter
keyboard, touch ABC. To use a capital character,
touch the shift button (upward-facing arrow symbol).
To use multiple capital characters, touch the shift
button again. To return to the lowercase keyboard,
touch the shift button a third time. To clear the last
character, touch the clear button (backward-facing
arrow with an X symbol).
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