To draw your own map for a workout, see HOW TO
on page 23.
When you select a workout, the screen will show
an overview of the workout that includes details
such as the duration and distance of the workout
and the approximate number of calories you will
burn during the workout.
4. Start the workout.
Touch Start to start the workout.
During some workouts, the screen will show a map
of the route and a marker indicating your prog-
ress. Touch the buttons on the screen to select the
desired map options.
The display modes will also show your progress. To
select the desired display mode or to view statistics
and charts, swipe downward on the screen. You
can also touch the more button (+ symbol) to view
statistics or charts.
The workout will function in the same way as the
manual mode (see page 20).
During some workouts, the screen may show a
target speed. As you exercise, keep your pedaling
speed near the target speed shown on the screen.
A message may appear prompting you to increase,
decrease, or maintain your pedaling speed.
IMPORTANT: The target speed is intended only
to provide motivation. Your actual pedaling
speed may be slower than the target speed.
Make sure to pedal at a speed that is comfort-
able for you.
If the resistance level and/or incline level is too high
or too low, you can manually override the setting
by pressing the Resistance buttons or the Ramp
buttons. If you press a Resistance button, you
can then manually control the resistance level
(see step 3 on page 20). If you press a Ramp
button, you can then manually control the incline
level (see step 3 on page 20). To return to the
programmed resistance and/or incline settings
of the workout, touch Follow Workout.
Note: The calorie goal shown in the workout
description is an estimate of the number of
calories that you will burn during the workout.
The actual number of calories that you burn
will depend on various factors, such as your
weight. In addition, if you manually change the
resistance level or incline level of the ramp
during the workout, the number of calories you
burn will be affected.
To pause the workout, simply touch the screen or
stop pedaling. To end the workout, touch End. To
continue the workout, simply resume pedaling.
When the workout comes to an end, a workout
summary will appear on the screen. If desired, you
can publish your results using one of the options on
the screen. Then, touch Finish to return to the main
5. Follow your progress.
See step 4 on page 20.
6. Measure your heart rate if desired.
See step 5 on page 20.
7. Turn on the fan if desired.
See step 6 on page 21.
8. When you are finished exercising, unplug the
power cord.
See step 7 on page 21.
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