To use an iFit workout, the console must be connected
to a wireless network (see HOW TO CONNECT TO A
WIRELESS NETWORK on page 26). An iFit account
is also required.
1. Add workouts to your schedule on iFit.com.
On your computer, smartphone, tablet, or other
device, open an internet browser, go to iFit.com,
and log in to your iFit account.
Next, navigate to Menu > Library on the website.
Browse the workout programs in the library and join
the desired workouts.
Then, navigate to Menu > Schedule to view your
schedule. All of the workouts that you have joined
will appear on your schedule; you can arrange or
delete the workouts on your schedule as desired.
Take time to explore the iFit.com website before
you log out.
2. Select the main menu.
When you turn on the console, the main menu will
appear on the screen after the console boots up.
If you are in a workout, touch the screen, touch
Pause, touch End, and then touch Finish to return
to the main menu. If you are in the settings menus,
touch the back button (arrow symbol) and then
touch the close button (x symbol) to return to the
main menu.
3. Log in to your iFit account.
If you have not already done so, touch the profile
button (person symbol) at the bottom of the screen
to log in to your iFit account. Follow the prompts on
the screen to enter your username and password.
To switch users within your iFit account, touch the
profile button, and then touch Manage Accounts. If
more than one user is associated with the account,
a list of users will appear. Touch the name of the
desired user.
4. Select an iFit workout that you have previously
added to your schedule on iFit.com.
IMPORTANT: Before iFit workouts will load, you
must add them to your schedule on iFit.com
(see step 1).
To load an iFit workout from iFit.com to the
console, touch the calendar button (calendar
symbol) at the bottom of the screen.
When you load a workout, the screen will show an
overview of the workout that includes details such
as the duration and distance of the workout and
the approximate number of calories you will burn
during the workout.
5. Start the workout.
Touch Start to start the workout. The workout will
function in the same way as a map workout or an
onboard workout (see page 21). Note: During a
distance or time workout, the screen will not show
a map.
6. Follow your progress.
See step 4 on page 20.
7. Measure your heart rate if desired.
See step 5 on page 20.
8. Turn on the fan if desired.
See step 6 on page 21.
9. When you are finished exercising, unplug the
power cord.
See step 7 on page 21.
For more information about iFit, go to iFit.com.
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