IMPORTANT: Some of the settings and features
described may not be enabled. Occasionally, a
firmware update may cause your console to function
slightly differently.
1. Select the settings main menu.
First, turn on the power (see HOW TO TURN ON
THE POWER on page 18). Note: It may take a
few moments for the console to be ready for use.
Next, select the main menu. When you turn on the
console, the main menu will appear on the screen
after the console boots up. If you are in a workout,
touch the screen, touch Pause, touch End, and
then touch Finish to return to the main menu.
Next, touch the profile button (person symbol) at
the bottom of the screen, and then touch Settings.
The settings menu will appear on the screen.
2. Navigate the settings menus and change
settings as desired.
Slide or flick the screen to scroll upward or down-
ward if necessary. To view a settings menu, simply
touch the menu name. To exit a menu, touch the
back button (arrow symbol). You may be able to
view and change settings in the following settings
My Proile
In Workout
Manage Accounts
Equipment Info
Equipment Settings
How It Works
3. View the console tour presentation.
To view a tour presentation that will guide you
through the features of the console, touch How It
4. Customize the unit of measurement and other
To customize the unit of measurement, the time
zone, or other settings, touch Equipment Settings,
and then touch the desired settings.
The console can display speed and distance in
either standard or metric units of measurement.
5. View machine information.
Touch Equipment Info, and then touch Machine
Info to view information about your elliptical.
6. Update the console firmware.
For the best results, regularly check for
firmware updates. Touch Maintenance, and
then touch Update to check for firmware updates
using your wireless network. The update will begin
automatically. IMPORTANT: To avoid damaging
the elliptical, do not turn off the power while the
firmware is being updated.
The screen will show the progress of the update.
When the update is complete, the elliptical will turn
off and then turn back on. If it does not, press the
power switch into the off position. Wait for several
seconds, and then press the power switch into the
reset position. Note: It may take a few minutes for
the console to be ready for use.
Note: Occasionally, a firmware update may cause
the console to function slightly differently. These
updates are always designed to improve your
exercise experience.
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