7. Calibrate the incline system.
To calibrate the incline system, touch Maintenance,
touch Calibrate Incline, and then touch Begin. The
ramp will automatically rise to the maximum incline
level, lower to the minimum incline level, and then
return to the starting position. This will calibrate
the incline system. When the incline system is
calibrated, touch Finish.
IMPORTANT: Keep pets, feet, and other objects
away from the elliptical while the incline system
is calibrating.
8. Exit the settings main menu.
If you are in a settings menu, touch the back
button. Then, touch the close button (x symbol) to
exit the settings main menu.
To use iFit workouts and to use several other features
of the console, the console must be connected to a
wireless network.
1. Select the main menu.
First, turn on the power (see HOW TO TURN ON
THE POWER on page 18.) Note: It may take a
few moments for the console to be ready for use.
Next, select the main menu. When you turn on the
console, the main menu will appear on the screen
after the console boots up. If you are in a workout,
touch the screen, touch Pause, touch End, and
then touch Finish to return to the main menu.
2. Select the wireless network menu.
Touch the Wi-Fi button (wireless symbol) at the
bottom of the screen to select the wireless network
3. Enable Wi-Fi.
Make sure that Wi-Fi® is enabled. If it is not
enabled, touch the Wi-Fi toggle to enable it.
4. Set up and manage a wireless network
When Wi-Fi is enabled, the screen will show a
list of available networks. Note: It may take a few
moments for the list of wireless networks to appear.
Note: You must have your own wireless network
and an 802.11b/g/n router with SSID broadcast
enabled (hidden networks are not supported).
When a list of networks appears, touch the desired
network. Note: You will need to know your network
name (SSID). If your network has a password, you
will also need to know the password.
Follow the prompts on the screen to enter your
password and connect to the selected wireless
network. (To use the keyboard, see HOW TO USE
THE TOUCH SCREEN on page 18.)
When the console is connected to your wireless
network, a checkmark will appear next to the
wireless network name.
If you are having problems connecting to an
encrypted network, make sure that your password
is correct. Note: Passwords are case-sensitive.
Note: The console supports unsecured and
secured (WEP, WPA™, and WPA2™) encryption.
A broadband connection is recommended; perfor-
mance depends on connection speed.
Note: If you have questions after following
these instructions, go to support.iFit.com for
5. Exit the wireless network menu.
To exit the wireless network menu, touch the back
button (arrow symbol).
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