This appliance’s hose contains electrical connections: Do not use to suck up
water or other liquids. Do not immerse in water for cleaning. The hose should be
checked regularly and must not be used if damaged.
Always extend the cable fully to the red tape before use.
Fine dust such as plaster or flour should only be vacuumed in very small
Do not use the appliance to pick up sharp hard objects, such as small toys, pins,
paper clips etc.
Consult your flooring manufacturer’s recommended instructions before
vacuuming and caring for your flooring, rugs and carpets. Some carpets
will fuzz if a rotating brush bar is used when vacuuming. If this happens,
we recommend vacuuming in hard floors mode and consulting with your
flooring manufacturer.
If used in a garage, care should be taken to wipe the soleplate and wheels with
a dry cloth after vacuuming to clean off any sand, dirt, or pebbles which could
damage delicate floors.
When vacuuming, certain carpets may generate small static charges in the clear
bin. These are entirely harmless and not associated with the main supply. To
minimise any effect from this, do not put your hand or insert any object into the
clear bin unless you have first emptied it and rinsed it out with cold water.
Only use parts recommended by Dyson; failure to do so could invalidate your
Dyson guarantee.
Do not use any lubricants, cleaning agents, polishes or air fresheners on any
part of the appliance.
This appliance is fitted with a thermal cut-out. If any part of the appliance
becomes blocked the machine may overheat and automatically shut ‘OFF’.
If this happens, switch ‘OFF’ and unplug the appliance and allow to cool
before attempting to check filters or for blockages. Clear any blockages before
Store the appliance indoors. Do not use or store this appliance below 0°C.
Ensure that the appliance is at room temperature before operating.
Empty as soon as the dirt reaches the level of the MAX mark – do not overfill.
Switch ‘OFF’ and unplug before emptying the clear bin.
To remove the cyclone and clear bin unit, press down on the button at the rear
of the carrying handle on the cyclone.
To release the dirt, press all the way down on the button at the rear of the
carrying handle on the cyclone.
To minimise dust/allergen contact when emptying:
– Encase the clear bin tightly in a plastic bag and empty.
– Remove the clear bin carefully.
– Seal the bag tightly, dispose as normal.
To refit the clear bin:
– Close the clear bin base so it clicks into place.
– Push the cyclone and clear bin unit into the main body of the appliance; it will
click into place.
– Ensure the cyclone and clear bin unit are secure.
Remove the cyclone and clear bin (instructions above).
To separate the cyclone unit from the clear bin press the button to open the clear
bin base. Press the button at the rear of the clear bin and separate the cyclone
unit from the clear bin.
Clean the clear bin with cold water only.
Ensure the clear bin is completely dry before replacing.
Do not use detergents, polishes or air fresheners to clean the clear bin.
Do not put the clear bin in a dishwasher.
Do not immerse the whole cyclone in water or pour water into the cyclones.
Clean the cyclone shroud with a dry cloth or dry brush to remove lint and dust.
To refit the bin to the cyclone unit:
– Close the clear bin base so it clicks into place.
– Fit the cyclone shroud into the clear bin so that the button clicks and engages.
– Push the cyclone and clear bin unit into the main body of the appliance; it will
click into place.
– Ensure the cyclone and clear bin unit are secure.
Switch ‘OFF’ and unplug the appliance before removing the filter.
Ensure filter is completely dry before refitting into the appliance.
It is important to check your filter regularly and wash at least every 3 months
according to instructions, to maintain performance.
Please leave to dry completely for 24 hours.
The filter may require more frequent washing if vacuuming fine dust.
Do not use detergents to clean the filter.
Do not put the filter in a dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer,
oven, microwave or near an open flame.
Register for a filter wash reminder by email (Australia only):
Switch ‘OFF’ and unplug the appliance before checking for blockages.
Beware of sharp objects when clearing blockages.
Refit all parts of the appliance securely before using.
Clearing blockages is not covered by your appliance’s limited Dyson guarantee.
If any part of your appliance becomes blocked, it may overheat and then
automatically shut ‘OFF’. Unplug the appliance and leave to cool down. Clear
blockage before restarting.
Large items may block the tools or wand inlet, if this happens switch the
appliance ‘OFF’ and remove the plug before removing the blockage. Do not
operate the wand release catch.
Switch ‘OFF’ and unplug the appliance before clearing brush bar obstructions.
If your brush bar is obstructed, it may shut ‘OFF’. If this happens you will need
to remove the brush bar as shown and clear any obstructing debris.
The details of the Dyson guarantee are set out below. In addition to your rights
under the Dyson guarantee, we also provide the following statement as
required by the Australian Consumer Law: In Australia, your Dyson appliance
comes with statutory guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian
Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure
and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.
You are also entitled to have your Dyson appliance repaired or replaced if it fails
to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
Terms and conditions of your Dyson 2 year guarantee.
The Dyson guarantee becomes effective from the date of purchase.
All work will be carried out by Dyson Appliances (Aust) Pty Ltd., Avery Robinson
Ltd. (NZ), Singapore’s authorised agent - Service @ Home Pte. Ltd., Indonesia’s
authorised agent - PT Higienis Indonesia or their authorised agents.
Any parts replaced will become the property of Dyson Appliances (Aust) Pty Ltd.,
Avery Robinson Ltd. (NZ), Dyson Singapore Pte Ltd. or PT Higienis Indonesia.
The repair and replacement of your appliance under Dyson guarantee will not
extend the Dyson guarantee period.
The Dyson guarantee provides benefits which are additional to and do not affect
your statutory rights and remedies as a consumer.
You must provide proof of (both original and any subsequent) delivery/
purchase before any work can be carried out on your Dyson appliance. Without
this proof, any work carried out pursuant to the Dyson guarantee and any
associated delivery charges (both to and from us) will be at your cost, subject to
your statutory rights and remedies as a consumer. Please keep your receipt or
delivery note.
Your Dyson guarantee covers:
The repair or replacement of your appliance if your appliance is found to be
defective due to faulty materials, workmanship or function within 2 years of
purchase or delivery (if any part is no longer available or out of manufacture
Dyson will replace it with a functional replacement part).
Use of the appliance in the country of purchase.
Under your Dyson guarantee, Dyson shall not be liable for costs of repair or
replacement of a product incurred as a result of:
Normal wear and tear (e.g. fuse, belt, brush bar etc).
Industrial use of the appliance such as vacuuming gyprock dust or builders dust.
This may void your Dyson guarantee.
Accidental damage, faults caused by negligent use or care, neglect, careless
operation or handling of the appliance which is not in accordance with this
Dyson Operating Manual.
Blockages – please refer to this Dyson Operating Manual for details of how to
unblock your appliance.
Use of the appliance for anything other than normal domestic household
purposes in the country of purchase.
Use of parts not assembled or installed in accordance with the instructions
of Dyson.
Use of parts and accessories other than those produced or recommended by Dyson.
Damage from external sources such as transit, weather, electrical outages or
power surges.
Failures caused by circumstances outside Dyson’s control.
Repairs or alterations carried out by parties other than Dyson or its
authorised agents.
If your Dyson guarantee does not apply, you may have statutory rights and
remedies available to you as a consumer.
If you are in any doubt as to what is covered by your Dyson guarantee, please
call the Dyson Customer Care Helpline on:
Australia 1800 239 766
New Zealand 0800 397 667
Singapore 7000 435 7546
Indonesia 021 707 39766
Remember: Always disconnect plug from mains before inspecting for problems.
If your appliance will not operate, first check mains socket has electricity supply
and the plug is properly inserted into the socket.
Sucking up certain items such as stockings, clippings of cloth, sizeable pieces
of paper etc may block the hose or ducts. Should a blockage occur, refer to the
‘Looking for blockages’ section in this Dyson Operating Manual (see pages 4,
5 and 8).
Never pick up hot cinders or lit cigarette ends.
Do not attempt to pick up water with your appliance. It has not been designed
as a wet pick-up cleaner.
To help us ensure you receive prompt and efficient service, please register as a
Dyson appliance owner. There are three ways to do this:
Online (Australia and New Zealand only)
AU: www.dyson.com.au/register
NZ: www.dyson.co.nz/register
By calling the Dyson Customer Care Helpline.
By completing and returning the enclosed form to us by mail.
This will confirm ownership of your Dyson appliance in the event of an insurance
loss, and enable us to contact you if necessary.
If you have a query about your Dyson appliance, call the Dyson Customer Care
Helpline and quote your serial number, or contact us via the website.
Your serial number can be found on the main body of the appliance behind the
clear bin.
Most queries can be solved over the phone by one of our Dyson Customer Care
Helpline staff.
If your Dyson appliance needs a service, call the Dyson Customer Care Helpline
so we can discuss the available options.
To enable us to carry out work on your Dyson appliance please contact the
Dyson Customer Care Helpline to obtain a reply paid delivery address in your
state (available in Australia only).
If your appliance is under Dyson guarantee and the repair or replacement is
covered, it will be repaired or replaced at no cost. If the repair or replacement is
found not to be covered under the Dyson guarantee, the repair or replacement
of the appliance and any associated delivery charges (both to and from us) will
be at your cost, subject to your statutory rights and remedies as a consumer.
If there are any queries, please call the Dyson Customer Care Helpline.
AU: 1800 239 766
(Mon-Fri 8:00am to 6:00pm EST, Sat-Sun 8:30am to 4:00pm EST)
NZ: 0800 397 667 (Mon-Fri 8:30am to 5:00pm)
SG: 7000 435 7546 (Mon-Fri 9:00am to 6:00pm)
ID: 021 707 39766 (Mon-Fri 9:00am to 5:00pm)
Dyson may use your information provided for future marketing and research
purposes (including sending commercial electronic messages) and may disclose
it to third parties for the purposes of providing the services you have requested,
or to our business partners or professional advisers. If you wish to access your
personal information or see our full privacy policy, please contact us at
Dyson products are made from high grade recyclable materials. Please dispose
of this product responsibly and recycle where possible.
When your Dyson appliance reaches the end of its life, we are responsible for
its safe disposal. You can send your old Dyson appliance back to us (at our cost)
and we will organise for it to be recycled.*
*Please note that not all parts are recyclable. Recycling of parts is subject to the
capabilities of 3rd party suppliers. Available in Australia only.
1. Box up your old Dyson appliance
2. Take the package to your local post office and send to the address below:
Dyson We Recycle
Reply Paid 83215
Dyson Service Centre
Unit 6 & 7, 7-11 Parraweena Rd
Taren Point, NSW 2229
Please note: Small details may vary from those shown.
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