IMPORTANT! Make sure to level the appliance carefully
with a spirit level to ensure the most accurate levelling of the appliance. This is a
must if your floor in
unbalanced to level the washing machine.
• Make sure to position the appliance on a level and stable ground. If the
floor is uneven you can adjust the feet by twisting the feet. Make sure to
slightly incline the appliance first then adjust the leveling feet by
twisting it clockwise or counter clockwise depending if you are raising or
lowering the feet.
Note: Make sure to avoid direct sunlight onto the appliance.
• By placing a spirit level ontop of the appliance you can check correctly to
aid you in adjusting the feet levelling nuts to adjust the appliance to be
completely level.
IMPORTANT! Installing the bottom cover
Make sure the power cord is unplugged from the
mains supply.
Place some padding (such as a soft mat, blanket or
thick towel) on the floor and gently lay the washing
machine on the padding, back side down. Take care
not to dent the housing.
Insert the bottom cover into the hooks of the leg,
pushing it straight until it reaches into the front
Ensure to fasten the bottom cover with the sup-
plied screws.
Carefully set the washer upright.
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