Select the desired programs according to the clothes that are being washed.
*Standard, water level 7 is the standard washing programs to which the
information in the energy efficiency label relates, and they are suitable to clean
normal soiled cotton laundry and they are the most efficient programs in terms
of energy and water consumption for washing that type of cotton laundry, the
actual water temperature may differ from the declared cycle temperature.
Standard Standard fabric washing program suitable to wash
cotton fabrics.
Quick Suitable to wash lightly stained clothes.
Blanket Suitable to wash big sized items such as curtains,
bedsheets, blankets. Additional 15 minutes is added to
the cycle for more movement and soaking time.
Delicates Low/Mid/High water level selection with a soft and
slow washing for delicate items placed in appliance.
Soaking Suitable for washing heavily dirtied clothes as it
adds additional 30 minutes soaking time during
washing cycle.
Jeans Suitable for washing heavy stained clothes and jeans.
Baby Clothes Increasing the rinse times to reduce the detergent
residue on the clothes for baby/children clothes.
Drum Clean This Program is to be only used to clean out the drum.
NO ITEMS are to be inside when this is to be used, its
only to be used for cleaning the drum at a high
temperature for pure sterilization of the drum.
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