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NOTE: During the de spin process of a washing cycle. If the washing is piled at one
side it will cause an unbalance of the barrel. The washing machine computer will
feel this unbalance and will automatically try to correct it, if its unable to correct
in in three tries, then you will have to manually open, pause the cycle and evenly
place the clothing inside the barrel to solve the problem.
Problem Solution
No water is flowing in
• Check to see if the power is on
• The water supply is cut off or the water
pressure is too low.
• The inlet hose is properly connected and the
water tap is opened.
• The filtering screen of inlet valve is blocked by dirt.
• The coil of the inlet valve is damaged.
• Make sure the Start/Pause button hasnt
been pressed.
No washing
• If the power is off or fuse has burned out
• The power supply voltage is too low
• The water amount reaches to the requiredwater
level. (The washer will not work if the water
amount does not reach the required water level)
• If it is set on “delay” then the washer will not
start until time is reached.
Abnormal draining • The water drain hose is placed to high.
• The internal rubber ring of drain valve is blocked.
Abnormal Spin
• Make sure the door lid is closed.
• If all clothing piled largely at one side of the barrel.
• The appliance must be placed completely level for
it to work correctly.
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