1. ON/OFF: ON/OFF button allows you to turn the appliance off or on.
2. START/PAUSE: Press this button to start or pause the washing cycle.
3. WATER LEVEL: Before washing, you can select the water level according to
how dirty the items are, materials or the weight.
4. FUNCTION: This will show the types of spins in process according to
the cycle thats in progress.
5. CHILD LOCK: After you have selected a wash program and the cycle
commences, you then press and hold “RINSE” and “PROGRAM” buttons
until the indicator light for child lock is illuminated.
6. DELAY: Press and hold the “DELAY” button and every 0.5secs it will
increase by an hour at a time, let go to reach your desired hour for your
wash to start its cycle. If you go to 24hours, it will beep once then return
back to 0.
7. PROGRAM: Before starting the washing machine, continously press the
“PROGRAM” button to select your desired program.
8. RINSE: This button options only work under the JEANS wash program,
in this program you can select the amount of rinses you want for your items.
9. TEMP: Press this button to select different temperatures for your wash.
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