Pre Wash
The Prewash function can get an extra wash before main wash,it is
suitable for washing the dust rises to surface of the clothes;You need to
put detergent into the Case (I) when select it.
Extra Rinse
The laundry will undergo extra rinse once after you select it.
Speed Wash
The function can decrease the washing time.
Extra Wash
Very dirty clothes can choose it, select it can increase the washing time
and intensity to increase the washing effect.
It can be used to reduce the wrinkles of clothes
When water reaches the target level,sock for 20 minutes and then the
motor do not rotate.
Set the Delay function:
1. Select a programme
2.Press the Delay button to choose the time(the delaying time is 0-24 H.)
3.Press [Start/Pause] to commence the delay operation
On/Off Choose the Programme Setting time Start Delay
> > >
On/Off > Choose the program > Setting Time > Start
Cancel the Delay function:
Press the [Delay] button until the display be 0H.It should be pressed
before starting the programme. If the programme already started, should
press the [On/Off] button to reset the programme.
If there is any break in the power supply while the machine is operating, a
special memory stores the selected programme and when the power is
restarted, press the [On/O]button the program is continues.
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