Press the Dry button continuously to choose the dry level: Extra
Dry/Normal Dry/Gentle Dry/Air Dry.
Extra Dry: Need to wear clothes immediately ,we can choose
this function
Normal Dry: The normal dry procedure
Gentle Dry: Only to dry slightly and then is just ok .
Air Dry: Clothes is roated to remove peculiar smell without
water in high temperature
Drying hints
Clothes could be dried after spinning
To ensure quality dry the textiles,please classify them according to their kinds
and the drying temperature.
Synthetic should be set the proper drying time .
If you want to iron the clothes after drying,please put them for a while.
Clothes not suitable for drying
Particularly delicate items such as synthetic curtains,woolen and silk,
clothes with metal inserts,nylon stockings,bulky clothes,such as anoraks,bed
covers,quilts,sleeping bags and duvets must not be dried.
Clothes padded with foam-rubber or materials similar to foam-rubber must not
be machine dried.
Fabrics containing residues of setting lotions or hair sprays, nail solvents or
similar solutions must not be machine dried in order to avoid the formation of
harmful vapors
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