Before installing your appliance, read all safety instructions in this manual,
especially the sections on electrical safety and installation.
• When unpacking the appliance, be sure to keep all the packaging materials until
you have made sure your new appliance is undamaged and in good working
order. Plastic can be a suffocation hazard for babies and young children,
make sure the materials are out of their reach.
CAUTION: VERY HEAVY! Be sure to team lift the appliance with someone or
mechanical aid is required when moving the appliance. Keep the appliance
upright as possible when moving the appliance.
IMPORTANT! Make sure before you install the appliance,
you must remove the transit bolts from the back of the
appliance and cover the holes with the hole covers
provided. A spanner is required to remove the bolts.
NOTE: Keep the transit bolts for future needs if you are going to move the
appliance again to another location. The bolts hold the drum in place during
transportation but MUST be removed before use so the drum can move during a
wash. Leaving the bolts in can result in strong shock, noise and malfunction.
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