Electrical connection
As the maximum current through the unit is 10A when you are using its heating
function, please make sure the power supply system (current, power voltage
and wire) at your home can meet the normal loading requirements of the
electrical appliances.
Please connect the power to a socket which is correctly installed and properly
Make sure the power voltage at your place is same to that in the machine’s
rating label.
Power plug must match the socket and cabinet must be properly and
effectively earthed.
Do not use multi-purpose plug or socket as extension cord.
Do not connect and pull out plug with wet hand.
When connecting and pulling out the plug, hold the plug tightly and then pull it
out. Do not pull power cord forcibly.
If power cord is damaged or has any sign of being broken, special power cord
must be selected or purchased from its manufacturer or service center for
This machine must be earthed properly. If there is any short circuit, earthing
can reduce the danger of electrical shock. This machine is equipped with power
cord, which includes plug, earthing wire at earthing terminal.
Washing machine shall be operated in a circuit separate from other electrical
appliances. Otherwise, power protector may be tripped or fuse may be burned
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