Select the desired programs according to the clothes that are being washed.
Cotton Hard-wearing textiles, heat-resistant textiles made of
cotton or linen.
Synthetic Wash synthetic articles such as shirts, coats, etc...
While washing knitting textiles, detergent quantity
should be reduced as it can easily form bubbles.
Quick 15’ It is suitable for washing few clothes which are not very
dirty quickly.
Baby Care Baby care program with extra rinse.
Jeans Specially for jeans.
Mixed Use on tough clothes that need extended time.
Colors Suitable to wash bright colours.
Cotton Eco Washes for longer time.
Sports To wash active wear
Delicate For delicate washable textiles (made of silk, satin,
synthetic fibres or blended fabrics).
Wool Select the desired temperature to wash wool fabric.
Delay 24h The function can be set with any program which will
delay when the washing commences.
Drum Clean This Program is to be only used to clean out the drum.
NO ITEMS are to be inside when this is to be used, its
only to be used for cleaning the drum at a high
temperature for pure sterilization of the drum.
Spin Only Extra spin with selectable spin speeds.
Rinse & Spin Extra rinse with spin.
Drain Only Drain out the water.
Dry Only (Dry) Select it to dry clothes, the temperature is dierent .
The drying time according to the load .
1Hour W/D Select it to dry clothes,the time less than 1 hour, The
default load is 1kg.
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