Hardware Guide 3
Hardware Specifications
Front View
The front panel of the device.
Fail Over
The Fail Over indicator is lit when there is a WAN failover from the primary external interface to the
backup interface. After the external interface connection fails back to the primary external interface,
the indicator is not lit.
The WAP indicator is lit when the XTM 2 Series wireless device is activated as a wireless access point
or a wireless client. The color indicates the active wireless radio band..
Network interface status indicators
The five network interfaces are labeled 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. There are two status indicators for each interface.
The Status indicator shows when there is a management connection to the device. The Status
indicator is lit for 30 seconds after you connect to the device with the Fireware XTM Web UI or the
command line interface. It is also lit when the device is polled by WatchGuard System Manager.
The Mode indicator shows the status of the external network connection. If the device can connect
to the external network and send traffic, the indicator is green. The indicator flashes if the device
cannot connect to the external network and send traffic.
The Attn indicator is lit when you start the device with the Reset button pressed. For more
information, see “The lithium battery used in the security appliance may not be replaced by the user.
Return the appliance to a WatchGuard authorized service center for replacement with the same or
equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. If, for any reason, the battery or security
appliance must be disposed of, do so following the battery manufacturer’s instructions.” on page 6
Power ( )
The power indicator is lit when the device is on.
Indicator Indicator color Wireless Band
WAP Yellow 2.4 GHz radio band
Green 5 GHz radio band
Indicator Indicator color Interface Status
1000 Yellow Link speed: 1000 Mbps
Blinks (speed of blink increases as
the data flow increases)
Data sent and received
10/100 Green Link speed: 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps
Blinks (speed of blink increases as
the data flow increases)
Data sent and received
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