Hardware Guide 5
Hardware Specifications
AC Power Adapter
The AC power adapter supplies power for the XTM 2 Series device. You must use the correct plug for the AC
power adapter for the power source used in your country.
The international plug kit includes four plugs: Q-NA (North America), Q-UK (United Kingdom), Q-EU (European
Union), and Q-SAA (Asia).
Remove the plug from the AC power adapter
If the plug installed in the AC power adapter does not match your power source:
1. Use your thumb or finger to press down the locking key on the AC power adapter.
2. Hold the bottom of the plug.
3. Pull up from the bottom of the plug to remove it from the AC power adapter.
Connect the plug to the AC power adapter
To install a different plug in the AC power adapter:
1. Insert the top of the new plug in the AC power adapter at a 45-degree angle.
You must insert the top of the new plug first. Do not use force to insert the plug into the adapter.
2. Press the bottom of the new plug into the AC power adapter.
The plug clicks into position.
Wall Mounting Plate
The wall mounting plate enables you to mount the XTM wireless device on a wall in a good location to increase
the range.
To install the wall mounting plate:
1. Place the wall mounting plate horizontally or vertically against the wall where you want to install the
XTM wireless device.
2. Securely screw the wall mounting plate to the wall with four screws 1/8" (3 mm) wide and at least 3/4"
(18 mm) long.
3. Position the bottom of the XTM wireless device to align the two holes on the XTM wireless device with
the two connection points on the mounting plate.
4. Push the XTM wireless device toward the mounting plate, until the two connection points on the
mounting plate are inside the holes on the bottom of the device. Then press firmly down to seat the
device on the plate.
5. Position the antennas as needed for best wireless range.
To remove the XTM wireless device from the mounting plate, push the XTM wireless device up slightly, and
then pull out, to separate the connection points on the mounting plate from the holes on the bottom of the
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