User Guide 5
Installing WatchGuard System Manager
Selecting where to install server software
During installation, you can select to install the management station and three WatchGuard System Man-
ager Server components on the same computer. Or you can use the same installation procedure to install
the server components on other computers. To decide, you must examine the capacity of your manage-
ment station and select the installation method that best matches your needs.
If you install the Management Server, Log Server, or WebBlocker Server on a computer with an active
desktop firewall other than Windows Firewall, you must open the ports necessary for the servers to con-
nect through the firewall. Windows Firewall users do not have to change their desktop firewall configura-
tion. See “Installing WatchGuard Servers on computers with desktop firewalls” on page 8 for more
Setting up the management station
The management station runs the System Manager software. This software shows the traffic through the
firewall. System Manager also shows connection and tunnel status. The WatchGuard Log Server records
information it receives from the Firebox. You can get access to this data using tools on the management
Select one computer on your network as the management station and install the management software:
1Insert the WatchGuard System Manager CD-ROM in the CD drive of your computer. If the installation
wizard does not appear automatically, double-click install.exe in the root directory of the CD.
2 Click Connect to LiveSecurity on the WatchGuard System Manager Installation screen. This
starts your Web browser and connects your computer to the WatchGuard Web site.
If you do not have an Internet connection, install the software from the CD-ROM. If you use this procedure, you
cannot get support, strong encryption, or VPN functions until you enable the LiveSecurity Service.
3 Use the instructions on the screen to start your LiveSecurity Service subscription.
4 Download the WatchGuard System Manager software. The speed of your Internet connection
controls the time to download the software.
Make sure that you write down the name and the path of the file when you save it to your hard drive.
5 When the download is complete, open the file and use the instructions on the screens to help
you through the installation.
The Setup program includes a screen in which you select the components of the software or the upgrades to
install. A different license is necessary when you install some software components.
If your management station is already operating with a Windows toolbar, some users can find it
necessary to stop and restart the toolbar before you can see the new toolbar components installed
for the WatchGuard Management System.
6 At the end of the installation wizard, a check box appears that you can select to start the Quick
Setup Wizard. Make sure you install the cables to your Firebox before you start the Quick Setup
Software encryption levels
The management station software is available in two encryption levels.
Uses 40-bit encryption
Uses 128-bit 3DES encryption
A minimum of 56-bit encryption is necessary for the IPSec standard. To use virtual private networking
with IPSec you must download the strong encryption software.
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