Setting Up Your Management Server
6WatchGuard System Manager
Strong export limits apply to the strong encryption software. It is possible that it is not available for
Backing up your previous configuration
If you have an earlier version of WatchGuard System Manager, you must make a backup of your security
policy configuration before you install a new version. For instructions on creating a backup of your con-
If you are upgrading to a newer version of the WFS appliance software, refer to the
Upgrade Guide
If you are moving from WFS to Fireware appliance software, refer to the
Migration Guide
Using the Quick Setup Wizard
After you configure the management station, install the Firebox cables, and (if applicable) make a back up
of your previous configuration, use the Quick Setup Wizard to make a basic configuration file. The Fire-
box uses this basic configuration file when it starts for the first time. This enables the Firebox to operate
as a basic firewall.
After the Firebox is configured with this basic configuration, you can use Policy Manager to expand or
change the Firebox configuration.
The Quick Setup Wizard uses a device discovery procedure to find the Firebox X model you are configur-
ing. This procedure uses a UDP broadcast. Software firewalls, including the firewall in Microsoft Windows
XP SP2, can cause problems with the discovery procedure.
You can start the Quick Setup Wizard from the Windows desktop or from System Manager. The instruc-
tions in the wizard help you through the procedure.
From the desktop, select Start > Programs > WatchGuard System Manager 8 > Quick Setup Wizard.
Or, from System Manager, select Resources > Quick Setup Wizard.
Putting the Firebox into operation on your network
You have completed the installation of your Firebox. You can use the Firebox as a basic firewall that
allows all outgoing traffic.
Complete these steps to put the Firebox into operation on your network:
Put the Firebox in its permanent physical location.
In WatchGuard System Manager, use File > Connect To to connect the management station to the
If you use a routed configuration, change the default gateway on all computers that you connect
to the Firebox trusted IP address.
Configure the Log Server to start recording log messages.
Open Policy Manager to change the basic configuration to meet your security needs.
Setting Up Your Management Server
You can select to install the Management Server on the your management station during installation. Or,
you can use the same installation procedure to install the Management Server on a different computer.
You must install the Management Server software on a computer that is behind a Firebox with a static
external IP address. The Management Server does not operate correctly if it is behind a Firebox with a
dynamic IP address on its external interface.
You use this server to:
Start and stop the Management Server
Set the server passphrases and license key
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