After Your Installation
8WatchGuard System Manager
Note the following:
When an interface whose IP address is bound to the Management Server goes down and then
restarts, we recommend that you restart the Management Server.
If you change the computer’s IP address, you must remove the Management Server and install it
After Your Installation
You have satisfactorily installed, configured, and put your new WatchGuard® System Manager into opera-
tion on your network. Here is some more information to think about.
Align your security policy
Your security policy controls who can get in to your network, where they can go, and who can get out.
The configuration file of your Firebox® makes the security policy.
The configuration file that you make with the Quick Setup Wizard is only a basic configuration. You can
make a configuration file that aligns your security policy with your requirements. To do this, add filtered
and proxied policies, in addition to the basic policies you are told about in the sections before. These pol-
icies expand what you let in and out of your network. Each policy can have an effect on your network.
The policies that increase your network security can decrease access to your network. The policies that
increase access to your network can decrease your network security. When you select these policies, you
must select a range of balanced policies. Your organization and the computer equipment to which you
give protection will control your selection. Some policies that organizations usually add are HTTP and
SMTP. Usually, for a new installation, we recommend that you use only packet filter policies until all your
systems operate correctly. Then, as necessary, you can add proxied policies when you know more about
For more information about policies, see the
Configuration Guide
for your version of appliance software.
Features of the LiveSecurity Service
Your Firebox includes a subscription to our LiveSecurity® Service. Your subscription:
Makes sure that you get the newest network protection with the newest software upgrades
Gives solutions to your problems with full technical support resources
Prevents downtime with messages and configuration help to prevent the newest network security
Helps you to find out more about network security through training resources
Extends your network security with included software and other features
Installation Topics
The following sections give information that you can use while setting up your Firebox®.
Installing WatchGuard Servers on computers with desktop firewalls
Desktop firewalls can block the ports necessary for WatchGuard® Server components to operate. Before
installing the Management Server, Log Server, or WebBlocker Server on a computer with an active desktop
firewall, other than Windows Firewall, you might need to open the necessary ports on the desktop fire-
wall. Windows Firewall users do not need to change their configuration.
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