User Guide 15
CHAPTER 2 Service and Support
No Internet security solution is complete without regular updates and security information. New threats
appear each day — from the newest hacker to the newest bug in an operating system — and each can
cause damage to your network systems. The LiveSecurity® Service sends security solutions directly to you
to keep your security system in the best condition. Training and technical support are available on the
WatchGuard® Web site to help you learn more about network security and your WatchGuard products.
LiveSecurity Service Solutions
The number of new security problems and the volume of information about network security continues
to increase. We know that a firewall is only the first component in a full security solution. The Watch-
Guard® Rapid Response Team is a dedicated group of network security personnel who can help you to
control this problem of too much information. They monitor the Internet security Web sites for you, to
identify new security problems as they start.
Threat responses, alerts, and expert advice
After a new threat is identified, the WatchGuard Rapid Response Team sends you an e-mail to tell you
about the problem. Each message gives full information about the type of security problem and the pro-
cedure you must use to make sure that your network is safe from attack.
Easy software updates
LiveSecurity® Service saves you time because you receive an e-mail when we release a new version of the
WatchGuard System Manager software. Installation wizards, release notes, and a link to the software
update make for a fast and easy installation. These continued updates make sure that you do not have to
use your time to find new software.
Access to technical support and training
You can find information about your WatchGuard products quickly with our many online resources. You
can also speak directly to one of the WatchGuard technical support personnel. Use our online training to
learn more about the WatchGuard System Manager software, Firebox, and network security.
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