LiveSecurity Service Broadcasts
16 WatchGuard System Manager
LiveSecurity Service Broadcasts
The WatchGuard® Rapid Response Team regularly sends messages and software information directly to
your computer desktop by e-mail. We divide the messages into categories to help you to identify and
make use of incoming information immediately.
Information Alert
Information Alerts give you a fast view of the newest information and threats to Internet
security. The WatchGuard Rapid Response Team frequently recommends that you make a
security policy change to protect against the new threat. When necessary, the Information
Alert includes instructions on the procedure.
Threat Response
If a new security threat makes it necessary, the WatchGuard Rapid Response Team transmits
a software update for your Firebox®. The Threat Response includes information about the
security threat and instructions on how to download a software update and install it on your
Firebox and management station.
Software Update
When necessary, WatchGuard updates the WatchGuard System Manager software. Product
upgrades can include new features and patches. When we release a software update, you get
an e-mail with instructions on how to download and install your upgrade.
Each week, top network security personnel come together with the WatchGuard Rapid
Response Team to write about network security. This continuous supply of information can
help you to keep your network safe and secure.
The WatchGuard Rapid Response Team also writes information specially for security
administrators, employees, and other personnel that are new to this technology.
At the end of each month LiveSecurity® Service sends you an e-mail with a summary of the
information sent that month.
Support Flash
These short training messages can help you to operate WatchGuard System Manager. They
are an added resource to the other online resources:
- Online Help
- Known Issues pages on the Technical Support Web site
Virus Alert
WatchGuard has come together with antivirus vendor McAfee to give you the most current
information about computer viruses. Each week, we send you a message with a summary of
the virus traffic on the Internet. When a hacker releases a dangerous virus on the Internet, we
send a special virus alert to help you protect your network.
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