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Activating the LiveSecurity Service
You can activate the LiveSecurity®
Service through the Quick Setup Wizard on the CD-ROM. Or, you can
activate it through the activation section of the LiveSecurity Web pages. There is information about the
Quick Setup Wizard in the QuickStart Guide and in the “Getting Started” chapter of this book.
To activate the LiveSecurity Service, you must enable JavaScript on your browser.
To activate the LiveSecurity Service through the Web:
1Make sure that you have the LiveSecurity license key and the Firebox serial number. These are
necessary during the LiveSecurity activation procedure.
- You can find the Firebox serial number in two locations. First, on a small silver label on the
outer side of the Firebox package. Second, on a label on the rear side of the Firebox, below
the Universal Product Code (UPC) symbol.
- The license key number is on the WatchGuard LiveSecurity License Key certificate. Make
sure that you type it the same as it is shown on the key. Include the hyphens.
2 Using your Web browser, go to:
The Account page appears.
3 Complete the LiveSecurity Activation page. Use the TAB key or the mouse to move through the
fields on the page.
You must complete all the fields to activate correctly. This information helps WatchGuard to send you the
information and software updates that are applicable to your products.
4 Make sure that your e-mail address is correct. After you complete the procedure, you get an e-
mail message that tells you that you activated the LiveSecurity Service satisfactorily. All your
LiveSecurity e-mail will come to this address.
5 Click Register.
LiveSecurity Service Self Help Tools
Online Self Help Tools enable you to get the best performance from your WatchGuard® products.
You must activate the LiveSecurity® Service before you can access online resources.
Basic FAQs
The Basic FAQs (frequently asked questions) give general information about the Firebox® and
the WatchGuard System Manager software. They are written for the customer who is new to
network security and to WatchGuard products.
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