LiveSecurity Service Self Help Tools
18 WatchGuard System Manager
Advanced FAQs
The Advanced FAQs (frequently asked questions) give you important information about
configuration options and operation of systems or products. They add to the information
you can find in this User Guide and in the Online Help system.
Known Issues
We know that software products can have bugs. We keep a list of Known Issues to help you
find and to configure around these problems in our products until a software update repairs
Interactive Support Forum
The WatchGuard Technical Support team operates a Web site where our customers can send
messages about WatchGuard products. Technical Support monitors this Web site and writes
messages when it is necessary to answer customer problems.
Online Training
Browse to the online training section to learn more about network security and WatchGuard
products. You can read training materials and get a certification in our products. The training
includes links to a wide range of documents and Web sites about network security. The
training is divided into parts which lets you use only the materials you feel necessary. To
learn more about online training, browse to:
Learn About
This is a list of all resources available for a specified product or feature. It is a site map for
the feature.
Online Help
There is a copy of the online help system for all WatchGuard products on our Technical
Support Web site. You install a copy of the online help when you install WatchGuard System
Manager software. The version of online help on our Web site is the most current and
includes corrections of errors we find.
Product Documentation
We keep a copy of each user guide we release to customers on our Web site. This includes
user guides for versions of software which we do not continue to give technical support. The
user guides are in PDF format.
General Firebox X Edge and Firebox SOHO Resources
This section of our Web site shows basic information and links for Firebox X Edge and
Firebox SOHO customers. It can help you to install and use the Firebox X Edge and SOHO 6
To get access to the LiveSecurity Service Self Help Tools:
1Start your Web browser. In the address bar, type:
2 Click Support.
3 Log in to the LiveSecurity Service.
4In the Self Help Tools section, click your selection.
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