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20 WatchGuard System Manager
Use Windows Explorer or the Run command to open the WatchGuard installation folder. Open the
Help folder. Double-click WFSHelp.htm. Your browser opens and the Online Help home page
appears. The default folder is:
C:\Program Files\WatchGuard\Help
Searching for information
There are three methods to search for information in the WatchGuard Online Help system:
The Contents tab shows a list of categories in the help system. Double-click a book to
expand a category. Click a page title to look at the contents of that category.
The index shows a list of the words that are in the help system. Type the word, and the list
automatically goes to those words that start with the typed letters. Click a page title to look
at the contents.
The Search feature is a full text search of the help system. Type a word and press ENTER. A
list shows the categories that contain the word. The Search feature does not operate with
AND, OR, or NOT operators.
Copy the online help system to more computers
You can copy WatchGuard Online Help from the management station to a second computer. When you
do this, copy the full online help folder from the WatchGuard installation directory on the management
station. You must include all subdirectories.
Software requirements
Internet Explorer 4.0 or a subsequent version
Netscape Navigator 4.7 or a subsequent version
Operating system
Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
•Sun Solaris
Product Documentation
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Technical Support
Your LiveSecurity Service subscription includes technical support for the WatchGuard® System Manager
software and Firebox® hardware. To learn more about WatchGuard Technical Support, browse to the
WatchGuard Web site at:
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