User Guide 21
Technical Support
You must activate the LiveSecurity Service before you can get technical support.
LiveSecurity Service Technical Support
All new Firebox products include the WatchGuard LiveSecurity
Technical Support Service. You can
speak with the WatchGuard Technical Support team when you have a problem with the installation, man-
agement, or configuration of your Firebox.
WatchGuard LiveSecurity Technical Support operates from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM in your local
time zone, Monday through Friday.
Telephone Number
877.232.3531 in United States and Canada
+1.206.613.0456 in all other countries
Web Site
Service Time
We try to supply a solution in a maximum time of four hours.
Type of Service
There is technical support available for special problems with the installation and continued
maintenance of the Firebox and SOHO systems.
Single Incident Priority Response Upgrade (SIPRU) and Single Incident After Hours Upgrade (SIAU) are
also available. For more data about these upgrades, refer to the WatchGuard Web site at:
LiveSecurity Gold
WatchGuard Gold LiveSecurity Technical Support adds to your standard LiveSecurity Service. We recom-
mend that you buy this upgrade if your company uses the Internet or VPN tunnels for most of your work.
With WatchGuard Gold LiveSecurity Technical Support you get:
Live technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The Priority Technical Support Team operates our support center continuously from 7 PM Sunday
to 7 PM Friday (Pacific Time).
We try to supply a solution to your problem in a maximum time of one hour.
If a technician is not immediately available to help you, an administrator records your problem. The
administrator gives you an incident number. The Priority Technical Support team will speak to you
when they become available.
Firebox Installation Service
WatchGuard Remote Firebox Installation Service helps you to install and configure your Firebox. You can
schedule a two-hour time with one of our WatchGuard Technical Support team. During this time, the
technician helps you to:
Do an analysis of your network and security policy
Install the WatchGuard System Manager software and Firebox hardware
Align your configuration with your company security policy
This service does not include VPN installation.
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