User Guide 25
Connecting to a Server
Connecting to a Server
The WatchGuard® Management Server (previously the WatchGuard DVCP server) runs on a Windows com-
puter. This computer can be the same one where the WatchGuard management software is installed or a
different computer.
1Select File > Connect to > Server.
Click the Connect to Server icon on the WatchGuard System Manager toolbar. The icon
is shown at left.
2From the Management drop-down list, select a server by its host name or IP address.
You can also type the IP address or host name.
When you type an IP address, type all the numbers and the stops. Do not use the TAB or arrow key.
3 Type the password for the Management Server.
4 If necessary, change the value in the Timeout field. This value sets the time (in seconds) that the
management station listens for data from the Management Server, before it sends a message that
shows that it cannot get data from the device.
If you have a slow network or Internet connection to the device, you can increase the timeout value. Decreasing
the value decreases the time you must wait for a timeout message if you are connecting to a Management Server
that is not accessible.
5 If you are using the server only to monitor traffic, select the Monitoring Only check box.
6 Click OK.
The server appears in the WatchGuard System Manager window.
Disconnecting from a Server
To disconnect, click on the Management Server name and select File > Disconnect. Or select
the Management Server and then click the Disconnect icon shown at left.
Seeing Information about Devices
After you connect to a Firebox or Management Server, information about the devices in your network
appears in the WatchGuard® System Manager window.
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