Seeing Information about Devices
26 WatchGuard System Manager
To expand a part of the display, click the plus sign (+) adjacent to the entry, or double-click the name of
the entry. To close a part, click the minus sign () adjacent to the entry. When no plus or minus sign
appears, no more information is available.
Firebox Status
Below Firebox® Status, you can see the IP address and subnet mask of each Firebox interface. If you
expand the entries for each interface, you see:
For the external interface) IP address and netmask of the default gateway.
Media Access Control (MAC) address of the interface.
Number of packets sent and received on each interface since the last Firebox restart.
Below Firebox Status, you can see the status, the interval of time that the certificate is valid, and the fin-
gerprint of CA and IPSec certificates.
Branch Office VPN Tunnels
Below the Firebox Status is a section on branch office virtual private network (BOVPN) tunnels. There are
two types of IPSec BOVPN tunnels: VPN tunnels built manually using Policy Manager and VPN tunnels
built using the Management Server.
An expanded entry for a BOVPN tunnel shows the following information:
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