Starting Security Applications
30 WatchGuard System Manager
through the firewall. For information on using Firebox System Manager, see the
Configuration Guide
for your appliance software.
HostWatch shows the connections through a Firebox from the trusted network to the
external network. It shows the current connections, or it can show the connections from a
list in a log file. For information on using HostWatch, see the Configuration Guide for your
appliance software.
Log Viewer
Log Viewer shows a static view of a log file. It lets you:
- Apply a filter by data type
- Search for words and fields
- Print and save to a file
For information on using Log Viewer, see the chapter “Reviewing and Working with Log
Files” in this guide.
Historical Reports
These HTML reports give data to use when you monitor or troubleshoot the network. The
data can include:
- Type of session
- Most active hosts
-Most used services
For information on using Historical Reports, see the chapter “Generating Reports of Network
Activity” in this guide.
Quick Setup Wizard
The Quick Setup Wizard helps you to quickly set up a basic configuration for a Firebox.
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