User Guide 41
LogViewer Settings
Changing LogViewer settings with WFS appliance software
1From LogViewer, select View > Settings.
The Settings dialog box appears.
2 From here, you can set the properties for the display of the log messages. Select the tab to
configure the display properties for allowed traffic, denied traffic, or other log messages that do
not apply to Firebox traffic.
Show Logs in Color
You can set the messages to appear in different colors. If color is not enabled, logs appear as
white text on a black background.
Show Columns
For each log message, you can select which columns to show in the LogViewer window. Select
the check box adjacent to each field to show.
Text Color
k Text Color to set the color of the text of the log message.
Background Color
You can set the background color. If the background and text are the same color, the text does
not show.
Reset Defaults
Click to set the format of the logs to the default colors.
Shows a sample log message with format changes.
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