User Guide 43
Using LogViewer
Searching in LogViewer
After you make a search rule, you can use it to search the data shown in LogViewer.
1If it is necessary to search through log messages from a Firebox using Fireware Pro, use the Log Type
drop-down list to select which type of log messages appears in the window.
2Use the Display Results in drop-down list to select the method to show the results of the search.
The options are:
Highlight in main window
— The LogViewer window shows the same log message set, but
changes the color of log messages that match the criteria. Use the F3 key to move through
specified entries.
Main window
— Only the log messages that match the search criteria appear in the primary
LogViewer window.
New window
- A new window opens to show log messages that match the search criteria.
3 Select from the option:
Match any
— Show log messages that match any of the search criteria.
Match all
— Show only log messages that match all of the search criteria.
4 Click OK to start the search.
Viewing the current log file in LogViewer
You can open the current log file in LogViewer to examine the logs as they are written to the log file.
LogViewer automatically updates its display with new log messages at 15-second intervals. If you have a
LogViewer search window open with the current log file, it also updates every 15 seconds.
Copying LogViewer data
You can copy log file data from LogViewer to a different tool. Use copy to move specified log messages to
a different tool.
1Select the log messages to copy.
Use the Shift key to select a group of entries. Use the Ctrl key to select more than one entry.
2Select Edit > Copy.
3 Paste the data into any text editor.
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