User Guide 49
Specifying a Report Time Interval
9 Type the Firebox® IP address or host name. Click Add.
When you type the IP addresses, type all the numbers and the periods. Do not use the TAB or the arrow key. When
you create a report with consolidated sections, you must use only WFS Fireboxes or Fireboxes using Fireware Pro. If
you use the two Firebox versions in a report the results are not correct.
10 Use the other tabs to specify the report preferences. You can find information about this in the
subsequent sections of this chapter.
11 Complete the report configuration. Click OK.
The name of the report appears in the list of the reports.
Editing an existing report
You can always change the definition of a report.
1From Historical Reports, select the report to change. Click Edit.
The Report Properties dialog box appears.
2 Change the report definition.
To see the function of each item, right-click it, and then click What’s This?.
Deleting a report
To remove a report from the list of available reports, click on the report. Click Remove. This removes the
<report name>.rep file from the report-defs directory.
Viewing the reports list
To see all the reports, click the Reports page. The reports appear in your default browser. You can move
through all the reports in the list.
Specifying a Report Time Interval
When you create a Historical Report, the report includes data from the full log file, unless you change the
time interval. On the Time Filters dialog box, use the drop-down list to select a time interval, for example
“yesterday” or “today.” You can also manually configure the start and end time. Thus the report uses only
the specified time interval:
1In the Report Properties dialog box, click the Time Filters tab.
2 Select the time-stamp to appear on your report: Local Time or GMT.
3From the Time Span drop-down list, select the time interval for the report.
4 If you did not select Specify Time Filters, click OK. If you did select Specify Time Filters, click
the Start and the End drop-down lists and select a start and an end time.
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