Specifying Report Sections
50 WatchGuard System Manager
5 Click OK.
Specifying Report Sections
You can select the information to show in the report using the Sections tab on the Report Properties
dialog box.
1From Historical Reports, click the Sections tab.
2 Select the check boxes for the sections to include in the report.
To see the contents of each section, refer to the “Report Sections and Consolidated Sections” on page 54.
3(Optional) Select the Authentication Resolution on IP addresses check box.
You must have user authentication enabled to create reports with resolution from IP address to user name. More
time is necessary to create a report with resolution enabled.
4 To use DNS resolution on the IP addresses, select the DNS Resolution on IP addresses check box.
Consolidating Report Sections
In the Sections tab you can select which information to include in a report. You can get:
A vertical look at the data, on each of a group of Fireboxes
A horizontal or cumulative look at the data, put together for a group of Fireboxes®.
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