Exporting Reports
52 WatchGuard System Manager
7 Click OK.
Exporting Reports
You can export a report to two formats: HTML and NetIQ. You can find all reports in the path
c:documents and settings\watchGuard\reports\WebTrends\<export file>. In the
Reports directory are the subdirectories with the name and the time of each report.
Exporting reports to HTML format
If you select HTML Report from the Setup tab on the Report Properties dialog box, the report output is
in HTML. You can go to each report section through a JavaScript menu. For this, you must enable Java-
Script on the browser. The figure that follows shows how the report can appear in the browser.
Exporting reports to NetIQ format
NetIQ is a leading provider of system and security management solutions. NetIQ supplies full reports
about how the Internet is used by an organization, but measures data differently than WatchGuard® His-
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