User Guide 65
Managing the Firebox X Edge or SOHO Device
Troubleshooting ideas
Use these steps to troubleshoot Netscape certificates:
Make sure that you have the strong encryption (128-bit) version of Netscape.
Make sure that you have the correct password for the .p12 (or .pfx) file. This must be the
configuration passphrase of the Firebox DVCP server.
Make sure that the certificate is not zero (0) length. If it is, erase the file and disconnect from
System Manager. Open System Manager and make the certificate again.
Managing the Firebox X Edge or SOHO Device
After you import the correct certificate in your browser, you can start to use System Manager to connect
to a Firebox® X Edge, SOHO 6, or SOHO 5 to monitor and configure it.
You cannot use the same browser window to connect to the Edge or SOHO management pages as the one
you use to configure access to the Certificate Authority. You must close the Certificate Authority window
before you try to configure an Edge or SOHO from System Manager.
Refer to your Firebox X Edge or Firebox SOHO User Guide for more detailed information about configur-
ing these devices.
From System Manager:
1Select the Edge or SOHO device. Then click Policy Manager.
The Client Authentication dialog box appears.
2 Select the certificate for this device. Click OK.
3 Click OK.
The SOHO System Status page appears. All management tasks that are usually available locally through a Web
browser are available at this time.
System Status
The System Status page is the configuration home page of the Edge or SOHO. The page shows:
Software appliance version
Firebox features and their status as Enabled or Disabled
Upgrade parameters and their status
Configuration information for the trusted and external networks
Firewall incoming and outgoing policies
A reboot button to start the device again
From the Navigation bar on the left side, click Network to:
Configure the device network parameters for the external and trusted networks
Configure static routes to let traffic through to networks on not connected segments
Look at network statistics to help to monitor data traffic and troubleshoot problems
From the Navigation bar on the left side, click Administration to:
Enable System Security passphrases and remote management
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