About Hardware and Appliance Software
2WatchGuard System Manager
Firebox configuration. The HTTP proxy on the Firebox then works with the WebBlocker
Server to find if a Web site is in a category that is not allowed.
About Hardware and Appliance Software
Appliance software
is a
software program or operating system that is permanently kept on your hardware.
The Firebox® uses the appliance software with the configuration file to operate. When you upgrade your
Firebox device, you write a new version of the appliance software to its memory. Although each Firebox
model is loaded with a default appliance software type, you can upgrade the appliance software indepen-
dently of the hardware.
Two types of appliance software are available to WatchGuard® customers:
WatchGuard Firebox System (WFS) — This is the default appliance software on Firebox III and
Firebox X Core devices. It is the standard version of the appliance software successfully used by
WatchGuard customers since 1998, with several new enhancements added.
Fireware Pro — This is the default appliance software on Firebox X Peak devices. If you have a
Firebox X Core, you can purchase a Fireware upgrade. This software has the following advanced
features for more complex networks:
-Signature-based IDP
- Gateway AntiVirus for E-Mail
- Advanced networking options including QoS, dynamic routing, and support for multiple
WAN interfaces
When you install WatchGuard System Manager, it automatically installs the software tools you must have
to configure and manage a Firebox with any type of appliance software. These include:
Firebox System Manager
•Policy Manager
• HostWatch
When you add a Firebox to be managed by WSM, the software automatically identifies which appliance
software the Firebox uses. If you select the Firebox and then click an icon on the toolbar, it automatically
starts the correct management tool.
For example, if you add a Firebox X700 operating with WFS appliance software to the Devices tab of WFS
and then click the Policy Manager icon on the WSM toolbar, Policy Manager for WFS automatically starts
and opens the configuration file. However, if you add a Firebox X700 operating with Fireware appliance
software and click the Policy Manager icon, Policy Manager for Fireware starts instead.
Upgrading the appliance software
If you have a Firebox X Core, the WFS appliance software is loaded on the box. Or, you can purchase an
upgrade to Fireware Pro. See the
Migration Guide
for information on upgrading from WFS to Fireware
Installing WatchGuard System Manager
This installation procedure is for new installations only. If you have an earlier version of
WatchGuard® System Manager, use the upgrade procedure in the Migration Guide.
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