User Guide 3
Installing WatchGuard System Manager
WatchGuard System Manager includes firewall appliance software and management software to protect
your network from attack. You put the Firebox® between the Internet and your trusted computers. You
then use the software installed on the management station to configure and to monitor your Firebox.
To install the WatchGuard System Manager software, you must:
Collect your network addresses and information
Select a network configuration mode, if you are using WFS appliance software only. This step is
not necessary if you use Fireware appliance software.
Select to install the Management Server, Log Server, and WebBlocker Server on the same computer
as your management software, or on a different computer.
Configure the management station
Use the Quick Setup Wizard to make a basic configuration file
Put the Firebox into operation on your network
This chapter gives the default information for a Firebox with a three-interface configuration. If
your Firebox has more interfaces, use the same configuration tools and procedures as the
instructions for the optional interface to configure the other interfaces.
Installation requirements
Before you install WatchGuard System Manager, make sure that you have these items:
WatchGuard Firebox security device
WatchGuard System Manager CD-ROM
A serial cable (blue)
Three crossover Ethernet cables (red)
Three straight Ethernet cables (green)
Power cable
LiveSecurity Service license key
Collecting network information
License Keys
Collect your license key certificates. WatchGuard System Manager comes with a LiveSecurity Service key
that enables your subscription to the LiveSecurity service. For more information about this service, see the
“Service and Support” chapter in this guide,
You get the license keys for any optional products when you purchase them. For more information about
optional products, see the
Configuration Guide
for your version of appliance software.
Network addresses
We recommend that you make two tables when you configure your Firebox. Use the first table for your
network IP addresses before you put the Firebox into operation.
WatchGuard uses slash notation to show the subnet mask.
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