WARNING This appliance is designed to be fixed to a wall at a minimum height of
12 in (300mm) and at a minimum distance of 39in (1000mm) from the top of the
heater to the ceiling. The wall bracket must be fitted horizontally with the cable
routed to the bottom right of the fireplace.
NOTE A distance of 23.62in (600mm) from the base of the fireplace to the floor is
recommended for the best view of the fireplace.
NOTE Two people are required for installation.
17.7” (450 mm)23.6” (600 mm)
Step 1: Place the fireplace on a padded surface. Unscrew the 4
mounting screws on the top and 2 mounting screws on each side of
the fireplace (see Fig. A ). Set these screws to the side.
Fig. A
72” (1829 mm)
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