Control Knob
1. Read and understand all operating instructions before lighting.
2. Burner control knob must be in the “OFF” position.
3. Connect propane (LP) cylinder (see above pages).
4. Slowly open valve on LP gas cylinder.
5. Push and hold igniter button to create sparks.
6. While holding the igniter button with one hand, use
your other hand to push and turn the control knob
to the “LOW” position to light the burner.
7. Keep Burner Control Knob pressed in for 15-30 seconds after ignition.
8. If ignition does not occur in 30 seconds, turn control knob to the “O” position and turn
gas o at the source, wait 5 minutes until gas has cleared and repeat lighting procedure.
Using the ignitor
When using this method to light
your fire table use heat resistant
gloves and follow the step by step
instructions. Failure to do so could
result in severe injury.
9. Adjust the flame to the desired height with the control knob.
Lighting Instructions
Do not wear loose or flammable clothing while
lighting fire table.
Using a Long Match or Lighter
1. Prior to lighting, use a shovel to move the
lava rocks for access to the burner.
5. After lighting, use a shovel and heat resistant
gloves to carefully move the lava rocks back into
their proper position.
Wearing heat resistant gloves, position
lighter near the side of the burner. DO NOT
lean over the fire table while lighting!
the burning long match or burning butane
3. Turn control knob counterclockwise to “LOW”.
4. Remove long match/long butane lighter.
6. Adjust the flame to the desired height with the
control knob.
If burner flame goes out during operation,
immediately turn the control knob “OFF” and let the
gas clear a minimum of 5 minutes before attempting
to re-light the fireplace.
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