For Technical Support Contact Real Flame at: 1-800-654-1704
Problem: Burner will not light using igniter
Please review the Helpful Tips on page 15 for common fixes to this problem.
Possible Cause 1: Electrode and burners are wet.
-Wipe dry with cloth.
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-Call Real Flame at 1-800-654-1704 for technical support.
Possible Cause 2: Igniter battery is dead or backwards.
-Check that the AAA battery is inserted correctly in the igniter (see page 10) or
replace the battery. Make sure the plastic wrap on the battery has been removed.
Possible Cause 4: Bad Igniter
-Call Real Flame at 1-800-654-1704 for support.
Possible Cause 1: No Gas Flow
-Check if the LP gas tank is empty. If empty, replace and refill. If the propane
tank is not empty, refer to “Problem: Sudden drop in gas flow” on the
following page.
Possible Cause 2: Coupling nut and regulator not fully connected.
-Turn the coupling nut about one half to three fourths a turn, until you
feel a solid stop. Do not use tools, tighten by hand only.
Possible Cause 3: Obstruction of gas flow.
- Check for bent or kinked hose.
- Clean the burn tube.
Possible Cause 4: Spider webs or insect nest in the burn tube.
Possible Cause 5: Burner ports clogged or blocked.
-Reference “Problem: Irregular flame pattern” on the following page. Clean the
burner ports as described there.
Problem: Burner will not light with match
Problem: The fireplace emits a lot of black smoke when in use
Possible Cause 1: Hose from gas fireplace is pinched.
-Make sure the hose is not pinched between the
fire table and the source of the gas.
Possible Cause 2: Flame is being obstructed at burner ports.
Possible Cause 3: Mixing chamber of the burn tube is blocked or obstructed.
-Make sure that the gas ports on the burner are free
-Clear out the mixing chamber located in the burn tube.
of any lava rocks so that the flame can flow naturally.
Igniter Pin
Burn Tube
Coupling Nut
Burner Ports
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